A Touch of Whimsy

7th April 2023

by Taetia McEwen

I’m so incredibly excited to be sharing my delightful and whimsical embroidery at the inaugural World Needlework Convention in England later this year. Stitching in beautiful surroundings is always inspiring and I can’t think of anywhere more fitting to stitch fairies, dragons, flowers, birds, and beetles!

My childhood was filled with beautiful books and a rambling garden that inspired my passion for all things feminine and pretty. With an innate need to embellish practical things, the tactile art of embroidery has provided the perfect medium for me to create delightful scenes filled with creatures, flowers, butterflies, and birds – and all with just a touch of whimsy that I’ve become so well known for!

I’d love you to join me to create embroidered stories that will delight all, as we learn the charming art of making magical creatures leap off the background with silk thread, chenille, velvet, metal ribbon, sequins, feathers, beads, and organza.

The Fairies’ Pet

I have been forever fascinated by the idea of a lampshade that changes scenes as it’s turned, something that beautifully marries functionality with creativity. 

In The Fairies’ Pet, let me help you create a garden where fairies tend their diminutive dragon, haul carts full of berries, swing on magical threads and ride dragonflies through the sky. Stitch a little path through the garden to meet other creatures doing their thing. If you or the little people in your life need convincing that fairies really do exist, stitch a fairy story with me then take home your own pet dragon.

Dream A Little

Dream A Little sets the scene for the frog band to entertain the audience as jitter bugs jive around on the dance floor, all while Miss Mousey, with her sparkling red shoes, dances into the wee hours with her beau. 

Peer through a toadstool window to see what’s been baking and catch a glimpse of Ladybug as she goes for her evening stroll. With its host of adorable characters, and the well-known love song scattered amongst the sparkling stars, every time you gaze at it, there’s something new to be seen!

Finished as a lampshade or framed as a picture, this happy scene is fun to stitch and will delight everyone who sees it.

Song of Spring

In Song of Spring, we’ll create a little wren singing her morning song as the dew dries on the stems of cornflowers, humble daisies and pink jasmine, sparkling with delicate beads and sequins. All whilst branches of pink blossom unfurl in the sunlight to reveal a tiny nest complete with three speckled eggs.

I’d love to bring a little of my magic story telling embroidery into your life with these three adorable and achievable projects.

Join me 5 to 15 October as we indulge our love of needle and thread over 11 days in two stunning hotels – the Paddington Hilton in London and nearby Luton Hoo Estate.

We’ll also enjoy day trips to the Knitting and Stitching Show, Parham House and the City of London Livery Company. All that and so much more awaits. With both All Inclusive and Event Only options available, I can’t wait to stitch with you at the World Needlework Convention!

To find out more and to register click HERE.

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