A Solid Base to Cushion Your Pins…

19th April 2024

Let’s say that on your projects list is a pincushion. To make that happen you would need three things… a design, the materials/threads and a base.

If you already have a design in mind along with the materials on hand, then all you need is the base… which can actually be surprisingly hard to find!

To help solve that problem for you, we have sourced a hand-turned, oak pincushion base with the cushion area already built for you, suitable for any design with a finished stitching area measuring 10cm (4″) in diameter.

Click below to order your oak pincushion base today and tick another ‘To Stitch’ project off your list…


Wooden Pincushion Base

PS – If you’re also looking for some design inspiration to stitch onto your wooden pincushion, or maybe even a complete Ready-to-Stitch kit with the wooden base already included, check out these links:

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