A Passion for Tulip Needles

12th June 2020

After reading all about the life and times of the humble needle, hopefully by now we all have a renewed appreciation for this most essential tool.

Working with the best needles possible ensures our stitching is a true pleasure.

To do our part in helping everyone achieve true needle bliss, this week we’ve just added to our website a range of the famous Tulip needles from Hiroshima in Japan.

Tulip was founded in Hiroshima in 1948 and has since been producing the highest quality needles with unparalleled smoothness and sharpness.

Packaged in an elegant glass tube with a cork stopper, once you’ve tried Tulip needles you will never want to stitch with anything else. Choose from our range of four types of needles, with each packet containing an assortment of sizes. 


Chenille needles, with a large eye and sharp point, are perfect for crewel embroidery or other heavy surface embroidery. The package contains sizes #18 to #24.

>Embroidery (crewel)

Embroidery needles are much finer but also have a large, easily threaded eye. They are ideal for all kind of surface embroidery and include sizes #7 to #10.


Milliner’s needles are perfect for bullion knots, with an even shaft width that allows your needle to pass through the wraps of thread like butter. They are presented in a package containing sizes #8, #9 and #10.


For cross stitchers and counted stitchers, tapestry needles are second to none, with sizes #17 to #23 included.

We know there is at least one member of the Inspirations team who is in love with these needles and very excited about this range, so don’t delay… get in quick and purchase some Tulip needles now before she’s tempted to buy them all!

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