A Golden Christmas

14th December 2018

The December issue of Australian House & Garden magazine marked their 70th Christmas issue and to commemorate this significant milestone, they had Christmas all stitched up! Their festive masthead was created in goldwork by Sharyn and Mary who are both members of the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc. This significant commission follows on from the many film and book credits they also have to their names.

Australian House & Garden’s editor, Lisa Green, shared how each Christmas, no matter where her family may be, she always lays her festive table with eight delicate linen napkins that belonged to her grandmother, each embroidered by her three great aunts. Which, along with three pillowcases embroidered with her children’s initials, lay the foundation of her celebration each year. She then went onto to share that ‘the tiny stitch details take me back to sewing lessons with the Principal’s wife at my tiny country primary school. Between the hot summer and running at lunchtime, the needle always seemed harder to grasp, the cloth evermore damp! So, I’m full of admiration for the team who embroidered our cover this month.

We’re full of admiration too! For both Australian House & Garden who took stitching to the masses by commissioning a goldwork masthead for their milestone issue, and for Sharyn and Mary who did needleworkers the world over proud with their beautifully laid metal threads and precise stitching.

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