A Crocheted Coronation

23rd June 2023

Any needlework fan loves a good excuse to pull out their threads or yarns and stitch up a storm, and the recent King’s Coronation was no exception.

Heather Howarth and her friends from Hurst in England, suitably titled the Hurst Hookers, decorated the 29 posts surrounding their local community pond with a uniquely festive display.

This woolly King Charles and his royal assembly attracted almost as much attention as the real ones on Coronation Day…

Using only their crochet hooks, knitting needles and wool, Howarth and co. recreated King Charles III and the associated royal characters attending his Coronation. His woolly ensemble included the Queen Consort, the Archbishop of Canterbury, plenty of Grenadier Guards, and even Paddington Bear, paying honour to the film he and Queen Elizabeth II shared tea in.

The Hurst Hookers began amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and met every few weeks when lockdown rules permitted. The 18 women began conceptualising their Coronation display in early September and installed it around their local pond in April.

Dressing the poles in the early evening to avoid too many prying eyes, the group’s attention to detail is unmissable. Each of the medals on the guards are from different campaigns, Charles’ chest insignia is a crocheted replica of the real one, and they even included the St Edward’s Crown.

The Hurst community showed plenty of love and admiration for the display, with all signs pointing toward the fat sergeant being their favourite character. A lovely reminder that any festive celebration is made even better by those who wield needles and thread!

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