50 Essential Blackwork Patterns

10th September 2021

One of the beauties of blackwork is the almost infinite number of patterns that you can use. Some are simple, others are detailed and complex, but every pattern provides a different effect and brings with it its own challenge. What would be ideal would be a comprehensive book showing not just the patterns themselves, but clear, easy to read diagrams of how to work them…

We’re thrilled to tell you that Chrissie Juno Mann has finally produced just that book!

50 Essential Blackwork Patterns provides precisely what it says on the cover and is an indispensable resource for working in this fine, counted technique.

Chrissie is a talented designer and Royal School of Needlework tutor who has compiled 50 of the most widely used and beautiful blackwork patterns.

Each double page spread gives a brief description of the pattern, a photograph of it worked and a fantastic diagram explaining precisely how to stitch the pattern successfully. You can use the book to create your own blackwork designs, or to skilfully work the patterns that others have used in their own projects.

This book reminds us of a delicious box of chocolates. You can’t help but fall in love with the soft blue vintage-style cover. Then, when you open it up, you’re met with such a delicious array of patterns it is hard to know which one to start with. 

However, what makes this book even better than a box of chocolates is that you’ll keep coming back to it year after year and the treats inside will never run out. But if you still don’t think that’s enough, then watch this space. A little bird had told us that Chrissie is working on a sequel as we speak…

50 Essential Blackwork Patterns – Book 1

Chrissie Juno Mann
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