50 Essential Blackwork Patterns

29th October 2021

A little while ago we told you about a brand-new book designed to foster a love for blackwork.

Chrissy Juno Mann’s 50 Essential Blackwork Patterns is filled with a whole set of beautiful blackwork patterns which you can use in any of your projects, complete with clear instructions on how to work them.

It’s such a unique reference book that we knew it would be popular, but even we were surprised at how quickly it sold out!

We have just ordered another shipment, so hopefully by the time you read this, stock of 50 Essential Blackwork Patterns will be on our shelves waiting for the next round of orders.

If you’ve ever tried blackwork, or if you’ve ever thought of giving it a try, this book is a wonderful reference.

50 Essential Blackwork Patterns – Book 1

Chrissie Juno Mann
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