What Are You Stitching?

23rd June 2023

Following on from featuring the wonderful, counted work of Betsy  Morgan, we rounded up a few projects stitched by the Inspirations Community to add to this issue of All Stitched Up! to complete the counted work equation…

Mary Trounson

‘I have just finished the Gathering for Winter Etui from Willing Hands 2 by Betsy Morgan and thought I would share it with you. I selected it to stitch after my mother died last year and I couldn’t get back into anything else I was stitching at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this.’ 

‘I loved the use of the cylinder inside the DMC perlé cotton ball. Great recycling. I won the scissors in a Guild raffle last year and they are the perfect colour for this etui.’

Your hard work has paid off Mary, your etui is stunning. The orange scissors provide just the right pop of colour to bring it all together! Well done.

Norah Jackson

‘I thought you might like to see my Red Treasure Box from Inspiration issue #116. I think it took longer to make the box and do all the finishing of the pieces than it took to do the stitching. My husband and I had to make the spool for the scissor stand, as I could not find one the right size near home. Then I had to adapt the pattern for the spool so it would fit.’

‘I also added my initials to the scissor case. I must admit I had a real great feeling of accomplishment when it was all done.’

You’ve recreated it beautifully, Norah! Not only is the stitching and construction impeccable, you’ve earned the problem solving tick of approval with your handmade spool. We’re sure you will enjoy using your new stitching accessories for many years to come.


‘I like painting, making glass windows and knitting. However, I like working with a needle the most. Here are two pieces I have embroidered from my archive.’

These are splendid, Paulina. We love that embroidery is your favourite hobby, so with talent like yours we look forward to seeing what you stitch next!

Is embroidery your favourite hobby? Do you like counted thread work? Have you had to make items for a project that were no longer readily available?

Whatever you are stitching, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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