Showing Up

12th February 2021

In last week’s All Stitched Up! HERE, we unpacked the idea of showing up for those around us by taking our thoughts and putting them into action as we ensured we were playing our part in the stories of others.

But what about for ourselves? How are we showing up in 2021 to what’s before us?

Although February is now upon us, many of us are still feeling the pressure to change something this year. We might be trying to do something new, bring back something that’s worked for us in the past, or simply do something more or less often depending on how well it’s serving us.

No matter what we set out to achieve at the onset of the New Year, whether we’ve planned it out step by step or we’re hoping it will simply ‘magic’ itself into being, our success ultimately comes from us showing up. We need to show up fully and wholeheartedly, knowing that no matter how much we accomplish, or who notices our efforts, when we show up for what’s important to us, ultimately, we’ll realise our dreams.

The consistency of showing up whether we’re feeling brave or afraid, full of enthusiasm or lethargic, when life is going well or not at all as we’d planned, will ultimately be enough.

Success is simply progress in the right direction.

Whilst showing up doesn’t guarantee progress, it does mean we put ourselves in the right place and, more often than not, we find that’s all we need to start ourselves moving in the right direction. 

It might be putting on our runners for that first workout, writing the initial word of the book within us or laying the opening stitch to a piece we never thought we’d be capable of putting our needle and thread to. No matter how small our first step, if we continue to show up consistently, success will eventually follow.  

How can you show up for yourself today? 

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