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A Passion For Needlework

A Passion For Needlework showcases exquisite and innovative hand stitched pieces presented like never before. Twelve masterpieces with each project revealing its own story through galleries of lush photography, evocative imagery and meticulous how-to instructions, all for your stitching pleasure.

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A Passion For Needlework truly is the world's most beautiful needlework publication, specially crafted to delight your senses and evoke your passion.

Our loyal and passionate community bask in the beauty of each issue of Inspirations magazine, and yet hunger for more, more of the world’s most beautiful…

And so 'A Passion For Needlework’ by Inspirations was created. A book dedicated to showcasing exquisite and innovative pieces with lavish galleries of gorgeous photography for the admirer, meticulous and detailed instructions for the hands-on.

Every project an adventure; each piece with its own unique story.  Twelve brand new masterpieces for your stitching pleasure, hand selected to delight your senses and evoke your passion.

All projects include our world leading step-by-step instructions complete with detailed diagrams, how-to guides, expert tips and tricks and illustrated stitching glossary.

Featured Projects

'A Passion For Needlework' features the following projects:

  • Berries for the Birds by Lorna Bateman
  • White Linen by Deborah Love
  • David Smyth’s Garden by Susan O’Connor
  • On the Beach by Judy Wilford
  • Corncockle and Dragonfly by Jane Nicholas
  • Secret Possessions by Elisabetta Sforza
  • Forest Kingfisher by Trish Burr
  • Cornus by Julie Kniedl
  • Proud Peacock by Alison Cole
  • Falling Leaves by Jenny McWhinney
  • Woodland by Jo Butcher
  • Serendipity by Susan O’Connor

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Additional Information

  • Product Type
  • Designer
    Inspirations Studios
  • ISBN
    978 0 9923144 6 0
  • Dimensions
    28L × 24W × 1H (cm)
  • Weight

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