Needle Points

28th February 2020

The needle is probably the most fundamental tool in our toolkit. Appearing in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny No. 12 crewel needle to the crowbars used for sewing up feed sacks, there is a mystifying array to choose from.

In All Stitched Up! issue #219, Janet Burgess asked us to write about the needle. Well, fortunately, Mary Corbet has recently written a comprehensive beginner’s guide to understanding needles, including advice on what size to use and what needles to buy which you can check out HERE

If, like many of us, you have a whole stack of random needles in your needlebook and you’d very much like to know what each one is, a Needle Guide is essential. Just lay your needle on it, match the size and you’re instantly organised and ready to stitch!

And what better tool to get the job done than with The Inspirations Needle Guide, a double-sided laminated card featuring seven needle types in all popular sizes. Order yours today. 


Inspirations Needle Guide Card

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