What Are You Stitching?

31st January 2020

Upon hearing of a harvest, many of us will find our thoughts wandering to the idea of growth and abundance. This week we’re sharing projects from the Inspirations Community that speak to the idea of harvest as they’re rich in both growth and abundance!

Flowers | Roseli Veroneze Becker

‘I would like to share the stitching I’ve started of the project featured on the front cover of Lorna Bateman’s new book Embroidered Country Gardens.

Roseli, we love the start you’ve made with needle and thread and can’t wait to see the finished result when the flowers are ready for harvesting!

Fruit | Kim Spry

‘I bought both the kits for Portraits of Fruit by Trish Burr from Inspirations Magazine issue #47 in 2005.  One was the Nectarine, the other the Pear. I put both kits away as I thought these were beyond my capabilities and also because I already had projects on the go. I finally got both kits out and decided to put them both on the same canvas.’

‘I started them on 13 August and finished them on 1 December, so once started, they came together beautifully! My interpretation, and thread placement may be different from the original, but I enjoyed the journey.’

Kim, your interpretation of Portraits of Fruit came together beautifully indeed! We love that you enjoyed the journey, because as we’ve all heard, life – and stitching – are not just about the destination, they’re about the journey.

Succulents | Janet Burgess

‘While stitching my mind wanders to the wonderful legacy that Julie Kniedl has left us. What an inspiring body of work she created – such talent! I am ever grateful to her and her husband for sharing her gift.

My stitching fills countless meditative hours which leaves me with a beautiful inner peace as the needle’s rhythm moves through the cloth.

Needles are another of my passions! To find a needle that works tirelessly on a project is a thing of joy – some just glide and leave behind them a stitch to rejoice in. Perhaps an article in honour of the needle would be something to consider?!’

Janet, it is a truly incredible legacy Julie and her husband have entrusted us with and you’ve absolutely done them proud with your harvest of succulents. 

We would have loved Julie to see how she’s inspired the needles and threads of so many the world over. And who knows, maybe having heard your suggestion about an article in honour of the humble needle, one of the All Stitched Up! team will be inspired to pen a little tribute of their own? Make sure you stay tuned to future issues of the newsletter just in case!

Have you stitched something ripe for harvest? We’d love to see your ‘crop’! Email photos of what you’ve grown with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudio.com

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