Life Lessons

25th August 2023

Last week, Andrea’s Impressions from the current issue of Needlepoint Now transported us to her back deck in Duane, and this week they’re schooling us in some of the lessons that can be taken from Mother Nature.

As Andrea sat on her back deck admiring the view, she was reminded of how much water inspires her as there is ‘so much to take in and many life lessons to be learned.’

As the waves moved back and forth with the shifting tide, Andrea thought about how important waiting and being patient is, and how life shouldn’t always be rushed. As she saw fish and birds moving in groups together, she was reminded that life is better together and that everyone should be included, no matter the size of the group.

As swans practiced taking flight across the water before her, thoughts of determination and the refusal to give up, even when what’s before you is difficult, came to mind. The sounds from people around her, as well as their laughter, became an important reminder about sharing your life’s journey with someone alongside you. 

Andrea then went on to explore the ways in which these lessons applied to her time with needle and thread.

Patience is required to learn a new technique, and remembering not to rush through the stitching before us ensures we soak in the calmness of our time with needle and thread.

Finding ways to connect with like-minded people is a gift as long as we ensure that everyone who shares our passion for stitching is welcomed and feel as if they belong. Remembering the simple adage that nothing is learned or picked up immediately, will provide the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of our determination to hone our skill with needle and thread.

Finally, remembering to be grateful for the community across the globe who share our passion for all things stitching, whether that be in person or online, will mean we’ll always have someone alongside us on our journey.

As we pondered Andrea’s learnings and how they applied to our own time with needle and thread, we found ourselves wondering what lessons you’ve learned in life that you’ve applied to your stitching, or perhaps what lessons stitching has taught you that you now find yourself drawing on in ‘real’ life.

We look forward to reading your email as we continue to school ourselves in the lesson of all things needle and thread.

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