25th March 2022

In All Stitched Up! issue #321 we were anticipating the release of A Passion for Needlework IV later this year. We’d just seen the projects laid out together for the first time, were organising pieces to be framed, gathering props, commissioning flowers and planning how we’d capture the images.

Now, at the time of penning this Welcome, we find ourselves in Daylesford completely immersed in the process of photography. You may recall we used the word ‘magical’ to describe the location we’d be using.

Well, it turns out magical doesn’t come close to describing where we find ourselves!

We’re using one of Lynda Gardener’s properties, a Melbourne based stylist renowned for creating beautiful spaces. It’s been said that ‘Lynda’s aesthetic is wielded through layers of rustic, antique and modern design details, creating the perfectly balanced blend of old and new.’

Whilst we were familiar with Lynda’s work through print and digital mediums, experiencing the space she’s created firsthand feels as if we’re a little like Alice who’s fallen down White Rabbit’s hole into an absolute wonderland.

As we place projects one by one throughout the house looking to create the perfect vignette, we’re spoiled for choice as Lynda’s myriad collectible curios, each patinated through time and use, work to tell the story of each piece created with needle and thread.

Alongside many of the projects, we’ve had the joy of using flowers and produce from Fleurs de Lyonville which is a family run micro flower farm in the heart of the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges, all hand delivered to our door by Janae who tended each by hand.

The theme we’ve seen unfold throughout the process is that the needlework itself, the space Lynda’s created, and the produce Janae’s grown are all the result of people who have devoted their time and talent to a single pursuit. A pursuit of beauty and excellence all crafted by hand.

The images we’ve been able to capture as a result? They’re rich and sumptuous and convey the perfect balance of exquisite workmanship with needle and thread, within a space that has the power to immerse you in Lynda’s whimsical and magical world.

Although we couldn’t wait to introduce you to A Passion for Needlework IV as we anticipated it’s release all but a couple of issues of All Stitched Up! ago, now we really can’t wait! Only seven months to go. And counting…

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