11th March 2022

You know the feeling when you’ve found that just right pattern, gathered all the requirements, seen them laid out together for the first time and can’t wait to lay that first stitch because you’re so excited at what the result will be?

Well, there’s a little of that going on at Inspirations Studios HQ at the moment!

A Passion for Needlework IV is due for release in October this year and production is now in full swing.

Whilst the projects were commissioned almost eight months ago and have been trickling into the office for some time now, it’s only been just recently that we had the opportunity to see all of them laid out together. What a sight they were to behold! 

Not only are the pieces themselves exquisite, but we’ve found the most magical place to photograph them. We’re beyond excited to immerse ourselves in the process before us and can’t wait for you to hold the book in your hands as we’re now starting to see just how it’s all going to come together.

As we’ll be travelling almost eight hours from Adelaide to the picturesque rural town of Daylesford in Victoria to photograph the book, we’ll be without our usual ‘hometown advantage’. We can’t pop back to the office or call into our oh-s0 familiar places to gather props or equipment if we forget something, so our planning needs to be impeccable. 

As a result, our first production meeting for A Passion for Needlework IV was a little more detailed than most. We spent more time than usual looking at each of the pieces that will be included the book, ensuring we were familiar with their colours, textures, techniques and subjects. We then placed each piece against the photos of the location we’ll be using, working out how best to utilize the space to showcase each project.

And now? We’re ‘laying the first stitches’ as we organise pieces to be framed, gather props, commission a local florist in Daylesford and count the days until we get to capture images both big and small that will begin to bring A Passion for Needlework IV to life.      

But, like any project with needle and thread, these are but a few of the many stitches to be laid. Once the photography is complete, there’s writing, proofing, graphic design, printing, sourcing of supplies for the Ready-to-Stitch Kits, logistics, freight… and so much more!

Whilst the book will be almost 18 months in the making by the time it reaches your hands, the anticipation of what we’re creating brings about a feeling of expectancy we wouldn’t trade for the world.

We know it’s an incredible privilege to do what we do, and we can’t wait to introduce you to A Passion for Needlework IV later this year!

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