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22nd March 2019


In All Stitched Up! #173 HERE we encouraged you to spark joy as we unpacked the idea of ‘Kondo-ing’ our way through the items we possess and confessed to the fact we’d gotten a little side tracked by the vast amounts of stitching komono we find ourselves surrounded by!

Well, much to our surprise we heard from Andrea Symons who helps to administrate a Konmari Craft Support Group in Queensland, Australia who had some timely advice on how to get, and keep, our craft spaces tidy and organized!

Image courtesy idealhome.co.uk

‘For those wanting to Konmari their craft space I have the following suggestions:

1. Do a vision statement for your craft space and refer to it when/if you get stuck figuring out if something goes or stays. In your vision statement think about what type of crafter/embroiderer/sewer you are and consider everything about your craft space in your vision statement – lighting, chairs/tables, frames, heating/cooling, storage and such.
2. Konmari on the craft category needs to be executed on very small subcategories. So, if you are doing craft tools break it down into much smaller groups like scissors, pins and needles.
3. If you are finding yourself organising instead of choosing what sparks joy, take the category out of the craft space and Konmari it elsewhere.
4. Touch each item in the category. You’ll be surprised at what brings joy and what doesn’t.
5. Remember that you might not like something, but its function is what brings you joy – a vacuum may not be nice to look at, but brings joy when it helps you clean up!

Images courtesy idealhome.co.uk

6. It’s easier to Konmari when the weather is cooler.
7. Do not look for storage until after you’ve completed the category, then look for storage that brings joy.
8. Remember to take before photos because you won’t believe the difference.
9. Craft is one category that can grow or shrink. Marie suggests an annual Konmari review of your home. With the craft category, however, you might consider a review when/if you get more supplies or when you complete a particular project.
10. It’s easier donating unwanted items to someone who’ll appreciate them, so ask your local community centre, primary school or guild if they’re interested in taking donations.

Andrea, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to point us in the right direction of a tidy and organized craft space that truly sparks joy – we can’t wait to put your advice into practice!

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