Spark Joy

15th February 2019

You may be familiar with one of the world’s most recently created nouns, ‘Kondo-ing’.

If you’re yet to hear of this phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, it refers to the Marie Kondo method of clearing the clutter from our homes as we choose to keep only those things that spark joy.

Since the release of her series, ‘Tidying Up’ on Netflix, it would seem much of the world is ‘Kondo-ing’!

Whilst the process of decluttering may never be easy - it will always take time, emotional energy and willpower to forge through the items we’ve accumulated – Marie has developed a single question to help us decide what should be kept and what should be discarded, ‘Does it spark joy?’.

When you find things that spark joy, things you truly love, you should keep them and give them a home. However, when you come across items that no longer spark joy, you should show gratitude towards them for how they once served you and let them go. Another way of assessing each of the items that surround us is asking ourselves if we want to take them with us into our future. In other words, does the item serve us or have a purpose going forward?

Marie suggests a ‘strict’ approach to the process – first clothing, followed by books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and then lastly, sentimental items – whilst we’d been inspired to start Kondo-ing, we quickly found ourselves surrounded with our stitching ‘komono’ rather than our clothes – I guess our passion for all things needle and thread really does carry through our entire lives?!

As we continue, all be it in the wrong order, to sort through the needles, threads, fabrics and such that have accumulated over the years, why not join us as we ask ourselves ‘does it spark joy’? We think our stitching will be all the more focused and blissful if we’re surrounded by supplies that spark joy, are given a home and can always be found where they’re meant to be!

We look forward to hearing how you’re Kondo-ing your way through 2019…

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