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21st July 2023

More Reminiscing

After just doing a little reminiscing about the memories the work of our needle and thread can hold, we’re doing a little more reminiscing in this week’s Have Your Say as we take a walk down memory lane and share the conversations that have been continued from All Stitched Up! over recent weeks.

In ASU #376, Ruth was hoping someone would be able to point her in the direction of a company that sells all things needle and thread through printed catalogues as she found herself missing the one Nordic Needle published prior to their closing some years ago.

Judy emailed in solidarity with Ruth as she too misses the catalogues from Nordic Needle.

‘I can assure Ruth that she isn’t the only one who misses Nordic Needle! To compound the loss, our local needlework store in Reno, Nevada closed a year ago. My nearest store is now 50 miles away over the mountains in California, but now that I’m in my early 80s that is no longer a feasible option.

I do, however, find your Friday newsletter an excellent solution as it is full of ideas, tips and inspiration, and it arrives once a week! I also find that my 40-year-old stash and some online shopping helps fill the gaps.

Judy also shared her ponderings about the quip we shared from Karen in that same issue of ASU, #376.

‘Karen’s question about the time involved in stitching the magnificent pieces seen in All Stitched Up! really rang my bell. I look at the pictures and imagine myself making something similar only to say to myself, ‘Yeah, right!’.

I’ve lived alone since my husband died in 1994 and do all my own house and garden work. There are many days when I am lucky if I get two stitches completed by the end of the day. I’d wager that the more stitching one does, the faster it gets. Looking at the extensive palette of fibres used in some pieces, I can’t help but wonder at the preparatory organization and workspace required!

Thank you, I just needed to reach out to people with similar minds.’

And that Judy, is exactly what All Stitched Up! is all about – uniting people of similar mind! We appreciate you taking the time to connect with us directly and hope this newsletter continues to be a welcome weekly ‘friend’.

Expanding on Alice’s search ‘for a hoop stand that does not tip when set on a table’, also found in ASU #376, Marjan wants to know ‘How do you stop any tabletop stand from falling over?!’

Whilst she is currently using a 1-kilogram dive pouch from her time as a scuba diver, she’s thinking someone in the Inspirations Community might have a more ‘suitable’ way to keep her stand upright. If you have an idea that would point Marjan in the right direction, we know she’d love to hear from you.

Also joining in on the conversation about stands, after a lengthy journey of her own in search of the ‘perfect’ frame, Roberta shared the two frames she’s found that best suit her time with needle and thread.

The Lap Stitch Doodler Frame by Doodlin Around Designs

‘The Lap Stitch Doodler is versatile in that various lengths of rods can be purchased in pairs to accommodate the breadth of lap or project, whilst also giving you a well-defined work area.’

The Lap-Stitch Frame by Images Stitchery Design

‘The Lap-Stitch Frame has a base that is adjustable for the width of your project, and although I have also used the type that can be mounted on a table’s edge, have found the height of the table or its edge are not always compatible.’

Roberta closed her email with a further tip about her current frame of choice, ‘as I am dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, a floor frame is now my solution for managing projects along with the current state of my hands.

We always appreciate hearing from those in the Inspirations Community who have any ideas that make our time with needle and thread a little easier, as even if they’re not applicable to us at present, become a wealth of stored information for future reference.

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