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28th April 2023

Comments, Questions & A Little Quip

This week’s Have Your Say sandwiches a couple of questions in between some comments and a little quip!

Our thoughts on bravery in All Stitched Up! issue #368 resonated with Ann regarding the things she needs to do rather than those she’d like to do.

After completing jobs they were hesitant to start, both Ann and her husband often find themselves remarking ‘well that was a lot easier and/or quicker than I expected it to be’, resolving that next time they have a job to do, they’ll just get on with it. However, they’ve come to realise that rarely works as the next job – whether it be as simple as hanging a picture or tidying their workshop – might just be one of ‘those’ jobs that goes wrong or takes far longer to complete than expected. Hence, they tend to begin each job with a degree of unease.

Yet when it comes to Ann’s projects with needle and thread, even new techniques, the same rarely applies!

‘I generally just dive straight in and get on with it every chance I get. Though I must admit that I sometimes find I should have thought about it a bit longer before I started, as my first ideas of how to achieve something aren’t always the most efficient.’

Nerys Simpson’s The Jade Dragon from ASU #368

Ann closed her email her a word of encouragement for Nerys whose Jade Dragon featured in one of our What Are You Stitching? segments. 

Being half Welsh, Ann confessed to being a dragon person herself, so Nerys’ stitching struck a particular chord with her. Not only did Ann love the colours of the design and couldn’t see any of the pilling on the cotton perlé Nerys made reference to, it also stirred Ann’s resolve to complete a dragon herself. Having now determined that her dragon will integrate both stitching and needle felting, she just has to complete her water sprite first, as ‘he’s been lying around for years now and will be losing his magnificent physique’!

Kate Petty’s Bothy Threads cross stitch from the What Are You Stitching? segment

Clare was struck by Kate’s comments about her stitching journey in ASU #370.

‘Her stitching is beautiful, and I can appreciate the effort that goes into it. I too have ME and struggle with bouts of low energy, which can be so very frustrating. Kate has found a way of coming to terms with that frustration, finding a regime that has enabled her to think outside the square, stitch in peace and produce beautiful work. 

Thank you, Kate, for your inspiration.’

After sharing Maddie’s ‘disaster’ in ASU #373, Sue wrote in with a remedy in case anyone else in the Inspirations Community should ever suffer the same fate.

‘There is a product in Australia called Colour Catcher. It can be used to prevent colour bleeding from dark to light coloured items in the wash. It can also be used if you have had colour run as Maddie did.   

I recently washed a red towel that apparently hadn’t been washed before in a mixed load of laundry. To my dismay, several things turned from white to pink. To fix this, I simply rewashed the pink items with a Colour Catcher sheet and lo and behold the catcher sheet turned pink and my garments were white again!’

Now onto a couple of readers who hope someone in the Inspirations Community can point them in the right direction.

‘I'm searching for a hoop stand that does not tip when set on a table.’

Whilst Alice thought this was a simple quest, she’s since come to realise that some people are disappointed with the ones they buy online, but only after purchasing them! So, she’s hoping someone in the Inspirations Community can speak from their own experience with needle and thread and recommend a hoop stand she won’t be disheartened with.

After having enjoyed the printed catalogues from the Nordic Needle who sold all things needle and thread, Ruth has missed them since they closed some years ago.

‘Does anyone know of needlework mail order catalogues? Not everyone lives near a bricks and mortar store or is able to use a computer easily.’

Ruth is hoping someone in the Inspirations Community might just know of a needlework store who, like her, recognises there is still place for printed catalogues.

We close with a little quip from Karen who finds herself wanting to spend more time with needle and thread. 

‘I am 77 and unfortunately my husband is not well, so I find myself having to do all the girl’s work and the boy’s work at home when all I want to do is more needlework. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy seeing everyone’s work in All Stitched Up!, but when do these women get the time to make so many intricate projects?! Do they have maids? Do they get enough sleep? How long does it take them in real time to finish these projects? I mean really, as I have been working on the same needle case for months now!’

Karen, whilst we’re not sure there are many a stitcher who forgoes sleep entirely or has a maid on call, your comments have gotten us pondering how such things might just allow us to find more hours in our day for needle and thread too!

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