Finding Time

26th May 2023

After sharing Karen’s quandary about wanting to spend more time with her needle and thread in ASU #376 , we came across an article by Debbie Preissinger in Needlepoint Now magazine titled ‘Finding the Time to Stitch’.

Of all the things we need to find time to do, finding the time to stitch sits right at the top of our list, so we read on!

Debbie opened her article with a couple of questions we’ve undoubtedly all asked ourselves – and probably more than once! – ‘Where did the day go?’ and ‘Wow! It’s five o’clock already?

As Debbie attested, it really does seem like the world is spinning faster and faster, and as such we seemingly find ourselves with less and less time to pursue the things we’re passionate about. Whilst we all have different things that keep us busy, finding the time to stop and stitch is a challenge many of us would like to resolve.

Do you have a preferred time to stitch?

Whilst Debbie’s ideal time with needle and thread is in the evening as it helps her wind down from her busy day, she recently challenged herself to find more time to stitch during the day and we think some of her ideas might just point us all in the right direction. 

Debbie suggested setting our alarm a little earlier in the morning, which would give us some extra time before starting our day, either to put needle and thread to fabric or get a head start on some of the ‘have to’ items on our To Do Lists. Another idea is to keep needle and thread at hand in case a moment of free time materialises, that way we might just find ourselves laying a few extra stitches here and there.

Perhaps stitching over lunch, while waiting in the car or in place of scrolling through social media might be a solution for many of us? But if all these ‘small’ ways still find us without enough time, Debbie recommended we schedule our stitching time on our calendars. The catch? Making sure we keep the appointments we make with ourselves!

To quote Debbie’s closing remark, remember that ‘every stitch is a little victory’

So, no matter whether you use the ideas Debbie put forward, those we’ve shared in this week’s Have Your Say in response to Karen’s quandary, or perhaps what you already know to be true, we hope you’ll make more time for needle and thread.

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