Display Boxes for Embroidered Panels

21st May 2021

It is common to hear a stitcher remark, that with all of the beautiful projects we do, there simply isn’t enough wall space to hang them on when they’re finished. As such, embroiderers are always on the lookout for different ways to mount and display their work once it is complete.

One really special way to finish a project is to mount it in a box lid.

However, quality wooden boxes with provision for inserting an embroidered panel into the lid, aren’t always easy to find.

Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with Margaret Lee to bring you two stunning wooden display boxes, ideal for mounting special projects and creating a finished piece to be proud of.

These display boxes were originally designed to hold our new Handpicked project ‘Lotus’ by Margaret Lee, which you can read all about as our feature project later in this newsletter.

However, both boxes are perfectly suitable to accommodate any needlework piece finished to the same dimensions as the lid insert.

Inside each box you will find plenty of internal compartments and, when adorned with your stitching, will make a superb gift or a noteworthy addition to your dressing table or home decor.

Available in two styles, Rose is finished in dark wood with a light pink insert and Daisy features a light wood exterior with an olive green interior.

The boxes features a wooden lattice insert under the glass lid which can be left in place to use the box as is, or easily add in your own finished needlework piece.

If you have purchased the ‘Lotus’ kit and would like to mount your finished piece in the lid, or have another project in mind, be sure to place your order for these custom-made display boxes today, while stock is available.


Embroidered Panel Display Box – Daisy


Embroidered Panel Display Box – Rose

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