Zweigart Kingston Linen

29th April 2022

Zweigart 56ct Kingston linen is a wonderfully versatile linen, produced by one of the finest linen manufacturers in the world. We still have pieces in stock, as it is ideal for both counted and surface embroidery.

The beautifully fine count means that this is an exquisitely smooth linen that takes surface stitches with ease. However, because it is an evenweave, it is also ideal for delicate counted work, such as Hardanger, counted whitework or cross stitch.

We have Zweigart Kingston 56ct linen available in Ecru. You can purchase lengths from 25cm (approx. 10 inches), or if you’d like a larger piece, just let us know how many units you’d like and we’ll send it to you as one, uncut whole.

Zweigart Kingston Linen – Ecru 56 ct

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