Your Tribe

5th October 2018

Since the beginning of time, we’ve searched to be part of community, to find a link that unites us with like-minded individuals. We long to be surrounded by people who accept and value us for who we are and for what’s important to us. We call these people our tribe and when we find our tribe, we know it.

A tribe is welcoming and inclusive and ushers us into us a place that somehow feels like home.

technology facilitates people far and wide coming together united by a common cause, sometimes the connections we make online aren’t quite the same as those we make in person.

Currently the team at Inspirations is hosting the 10th Beating Around the Bush Needlework Convention in Adelaide, Australia. We’re hanging out with our tribe in person! So, we hope you’ll excuse us over the next couple of weeks as All Stitched Up! takes on a slightly different format to allow us the privilege to reconnect with old friends and make new ones across the eight days the convention runs.

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