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24th May 2019

Did you know that in the US alone, about one million books are published every year?! Books that are filled with words conveying history, emotion, personal stories and so much more.

Imagine for a moment that your needlework took the form of a book…

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that we are in fact writing a book with each stitch we lay.

It can be easy to see each piece we complete with needle and thread as a single chapter, but what if we were to lay all our projects out together, have we in fact written an entire book?

Chances are we absolutely have! Our needlework ‘book’ may be conventional in that there is a clear beginning, middle and end, or it may be a collection of short stories seemingly unrelated to each other. If nothing else, it is fascinating to consider the story our time with needle and thread has written over the years.

Whatever book you’ve written with your needle and thread, no doubt it makes a fascinating read. But perhaps the most exciting thing is that today is a new page in your book, and you have the chance to either continue the story you’ve started, rewrite the ending or start authoring a new book all together! So, what will you stitch today?

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