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26th March 2021

Do you have a space that’s just for you? Somewhere you sit with needle and thread set aside so you can escape the hustle and bustle of the world around you and simply concentrate on the meditative push and pull of needle and thread through fabric?

For some of us this may be a dedicated room, whilst for others it may be a seldom used dining room table or a comfy chair that has our name written all over it. Wherever it may be, there’s a chance that the lockdowns over the past year have meant the space you once called your own has had to transform as our homes have doubled as our office, school, gym and perhaps even local coffee shop!

In a recent email, David Hieatt challenged us to ensure that despite the changes our homes may have been through, we find a way of ensuring that the spaces we call our own still have our wellbeing as their primary focus.

He reminded us that spaces are unique and what works for one, may not work for another.

David encouraged us to start thinking about our space from the inside out, and instead of latching onto ideas that others have shared across their social channels, we consider what our space needs to do for us and nurture it accordingly. Over time, David’s come to realise that beauty, light and air quality are the most important factors to consider when planning a space to call his own.

We love this, as no matter the size of our space or the other functions it may still be performing whilst we wait for life to return to ‘normal’, surrounding it with things we consider beautiful, ensuring the lighting suits the task at hand and the ventilation allows for a supply of fresh air, will ensure that our space facilitates our time with needle and thread in the best way possible.

We’d love to hear about the space you call your own and how you’ve cultivated it so that it in turn nurtures your time with needle and thread. Email and let us know what it is about your space that makes it truly your own.

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