Your Personal, Digital Bayeux Tapestry

25th September 2020

It would be nice to stitch every moment of every day, but sometimes even we stitchers have to put our needles down. So, if you can’t stitch, what is the next best thing? How about creating a digital embroidery in the style of your very own, personalised Bayeux Tapestry?

A digital embroidery, put together by the staff at My Modern Met (source)

Using the fonts, images and styles from the original Bayeux tapestry, the Historic Tale Construction Kit allows you to quickly put together a digital ‘stitched’ image, using your own words and borrowing some of the quirky beasts and figures from the original embroidery.

Our efforts!

Here’s what we came up with, but we’re sure you could do better. If only actual stitching was as quick as this!

If you would like to read more about the app, there is information at My Modern Met, or you can have a go yourself for free at the Historic Tale Construction Kit website.

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