Wound Up & Well-Kept

15th May 2020

The time has come. All of those bits of cut up cereal packets, all of those rolled up receipts and envelopes, all of those tatty cardboard bobbins, covered in crossed through thread numbers – they’ve all got to go.

We all need an elegant solution to storing our loose threads and this week we have just the thing.

These beautiful mother-of-pearl thread winders are the jewel in the crown of thread storage.

Smoothly cut into shapes which not only look gorgeous, but hold your thread securely, you’ll never be satisfied with cardboard substitutes again.

Choose from pairs of angels, hares or ewes; or for storing several different threads, keep them tidily on the mother-of-pearl strawberry shaped thread keep. Now all available in limited quantities.

Kelmscott Threat Winders


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