World Needlework Convention Final Call

11th August 2023

This notification is for two groups of people. The spontaneous and the last- minute lovers.

Registration for The World Needlework Convention closes in 7 days!

For the organised ones among us, you will have already registered, chosen your classes and be looking forward to joining everyone in London from October 5th to 15th.

The thrill seekers who are yet to do anything about attending, it’s ok… we’ve got you!

You have until August 18th to make it happen, so this is your final boarding call. The last minute has arrived.

We still have a few spots available in most classes along with accommodation and of course you’ll still make it to all the shopping events, day tours, evening presentations and can partake in all the sumptuous meals.

BUT… you have to act now!

Due to the logistics associated with coordinating an international, world class event like this, we are unable to accept registrations past the cut-off date, including event only attendees. That’s ok though, because you can avoid missing out by registering today.

Whether you’re coming from afar or you’re a UK ‘local’ register to attend by clicking HERE

For more information about the World Needlework Convention click HERE.

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