World Embroidery Day 2020

21st August 2020

Any day of celebration in 2020 was always going to be… well… a little bit different to previous years. But the beauty of World Embroidery Day is that, regardless of our circumstances, we always have our needles and threads.

We received some great feedback on our Facebook page when we asked what you were doing for World Embroidery Day 2020. 

Renai shared her love of satin stitch and wool felt appliqué.

Lindsay (left) showed us her amazing forays into blackwork. And Gillian (right) shared the projects she was working on, stating that it was, ‘a beautiful day in Tasmania for stitching.’ Gillian also wisely commented that:

‘Any day is embroidery day!’

The San Francisco School of Needlework and Design, who are famous for their World Embroidery Day celebrations, embraced the moment and the technology pertinent to 2020 by having a Zoom ‘stitch-in.’ That allowed anyone, from anywhere in the world, to virtually join other, like-minded stitchers and share their passion.

Who knows where we’ll be by 30th July 2021, however one thing we can be sure of is that stitchers around the world will still be finding ways to share their love for all things needle and thread with others and discovering new friends in the global, needlework community.

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