World Elephant Scarf Update

17th November 2023

Back in November 2022, you may remember we posted a lovely story about Jodi Bager in ASU #355. She was creating a large elephant embroidery to be printed on silk scarves as a fundraising initiative for an elephant charity. 

After eight months and 1,800 hours of needlework, Jodi’s stitching for a cause is now complete and she emailed to let us know that the piece is now finished and has been printed onto the scarves! 

Partnering with Elephant Family, based in the UK, who protect elephant populations and the communities that share their habitats, purchases of the scarf will contribute directly to their conservation projects and efforts. 

So how can you get one of these beautiful scarfs to wrap yourself in?

The official launch date is December 4th, which is World Wildlife Conservation Day, but you’ll have to be quick as the scarves will only be put on sale for one week. To be the first to know, you can sign up to their newsletter HERE or follow their Instagram account HERE.

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