17th April 2020

It’s been said that intellect stems from understanding, whilst wisdom is brought about by the application of the understanding.

Of recent times, I think we’ve all been trying to understand coronavirus and the way in which our worlds have had to adapt amidst the crisis that has unfolded around us. Whilst it hasn’t always been easy to make sense of what’s going on, we certainly haven’t found ourselves short on information to glean our understanding from! 

Sometimes, though, we’ve found ourselves a little light on the wisdom that will help us apply the understanding we’ve gained during this unprecedented situation.

We did, however, receive some sage advice from Margaret Lee who shared with us her wisdom at this uncertain time.

‘As I listen to the continuing reports on the coronavirus situation, the Chinese cultural outlook to crisis comes to mind. The written Chinese term for crisis is made up of two characters 危机 (Wei Ji). The two characters on their own mean danger and opportunity.’

Whilst none of us could deny the danger our current season brings with it; we wonder how many of us have paused to consider the opportunities that lie within?!

If nothing else, it’s given many of us the gift of time which is often a fleeting commodity in our ‘usual’ lives. Like so many of the Inspirations Community, Margaret has used her additional time for stitching. But what other ‘gifts’ might come of this season?

It may be that the crisis causes us to reexamine our priorities, mend a bridge or two from our past or encourages us to be truly grateful as we capture the poetry of the ordinary that surrounds us each day.

Whatever it may be, we need to remember that it’s not what we know that counts, it’s what we do with what we know, as within that premise, true wisdom lies.

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