Whitework Inspirations

27th March 2020

The third and final release in our collection of new books grouping some of our most popular projects from the magazine by technique, is now available. 

Whitework Inspirations, is all about… yep you guessed it, nothing more and nothing less than the complete purity and elegance of whitework. 

Refined designs, monochromatic patterns, intricate stitches – whitework is a technique that is as spectacular as it is timeless.

For the very first time, we have put together a collection of projects specifically chosen to highlight the best whitework has to offer in both design and technique.

Without the addition of colour, the textures and complexity of the stitches are amplified through light playing across the surface and creating contrast.

Whitework Inspirations will teach you the origins, the stitches and the techniques that are unique to whitework as well as take you step-by-step through 8 remarkable designs from some of the world’s most talented needlework artisans. Click below to order your copy today.

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Whitework Inspirations

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