What Are You Stitching?

19th June 2020

An embroidery hung on the wall is lovely, but when you see an amazing, three-dimensional embroidered item, you get that added pleasure of being able to view it from all angles. 

You can even, in the case of boxes, peep inside. Whether constructed for practical use, such as a pin cushion, etui, or simply constructed for the joy of it, three-dimensional embroidery is something to be admired.

Kim Spry

‘Here is my finished ‘Nature’s Bounty’ by Julie Kniedl from Inspirations issue #75. I started this project at the beginning of December 2019 and finished it at the end of March.’

‘I found stitching the leaves to be challenging as they needed to be double sided and were very labour intensive.

Whilst I did have the kit, I added to it from my own collection of threads so I could make more leaves and flowerets.

I enjoyed the technical aspects of this project, even though at times it was hard for me.’

This is a wonderfully challenging project indeed Kim, so you should be incredibly proud of your achievement. Well done for such a stunning result!

Pat Demharter

‘I read an article about a harp design by Jenny Adin-Christie in Mary Corbett’s Needle’n Thread newsletter. I was so taken with it that it was too irresistible to pass up. The sparkle of the threads and baubles really pulled me in.’

‘When I got the kit, I was amazed at how everything was labelled and the instructions were very detailed. The instruction book explained everything you needed to know, from the different threads to the story behind the piece.

Jenny is a master of blending traditional needlework with a touch of whimsy.

Now I am hooked. I still have a long way to go with learning her different techniques, but it sure is fun and exciting. I do like to test myself with more challenging projects. It’s all about the journey after all!’

You’ve taken our breath away, Pat. An exquisite finish and a project to treasure forever.

Adrienne Forsyth

‘I have been stitching pretty much my whole life and have tried lots of techniques. No matter what the technique, though, the stitching of it has given me joy, satisfaction, comfort and a sense of achievement.

I am more of a process stitcher than a product stitcher – that said, it sure is lovely when something gets finished.

I was captivated by Carolyn Pearce’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ workbox. I ordered the book three years ago and I have finally finished the main box.’

‘There were definitely challenges with this project. Firstly, I don’t have easy access to many of the materials required. I also wanted to use as much from my stash as possible.’

‘The second challenge was the embroidery itself. There were lots of stitches and techniques I hadn’t used before. In some cases, I switched out a stitch to one I was more comfortable with.

The third challenge was constructing the box, lining and tray. I was fortunate that I had a friend whose son-in-law has experience in cutting mat board.

Much to my surprise, I loved assembling the box!

The whole experience was fun and so satisfying. It certainly helped that the instructions were so clear and detailed in the book.’

‘I have also finished the little emery cushion. This tiny piece makes me smile every time I look at it. I love that my bee looks like a housefly! I have the needlebook underway, so more progress is being made.’

You’ve clearly risen to every challenge you’ve faced and look at the results! Well done, Adrienne.

Halide Celiker

‘I have made a few of the heirloom teddy bears which have featured in Inspirations magazine over the years.’

We love the brilliant colours and cheeky personalities of these little chaps, Halide!

Janine Nance

‘About a year ago I started stitching the project ‘White Elephant’ by Alla Akselrod from Inspirations issue #42. I had to set it aside when we moved house, so recently, I decided I should finish this little guy.’

‘I did not realize what a challenge he would turn out to be, so I am now anxious to start another one so I can work on the design placement and scrolls.

Stitching has always been my escape from stressful jobs throughout my career.

I am retired now and am a caregiver for my husband, so embroidery occupies my available time.’

The best way to ensure you’ve taken in all of the lessons from a project is to do it a second time. This little elephant looks superb to us Janine, so we’re sure the next one will be even more amazing.

If you’ve finished any three-dimensional embroidery recently, we’d love to see it from all angles. Or if you like your embroidery to have a clear front and back (which you can keep hidden if you’d prefer!) then we’d love to see that too. Send us pictures of your work and a bit of information about yourself and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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