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5th June 2020

While we’ve been talking about the dawn chorus and all things avian, it seems the ideal time to bring you some more beautiful bird projects from our talented readers. 

Liz Tapper

‘Here is a picture of a recent commission I was asked to stitch.’

‘My client loves watching buzzards circling lazily in the sky on a hot summer’s day in the village where he lives in Somerset, UK. He asked that I stitch two buzzards for him.’

‘I designed the pair so that one was indistinct in the background, with the focus being on the one in the foreground.

Each feather was stitched one at a time, to help create the effect of overlapping.

The finished buzzards were then mounted onto an antique piano stool, as he didn’t want any more pictures to hang up on his already overcrowded walls.’

The detail on the buzzards is magnificent, Liz. We have no doubt the client would have been thrilled. This is one stool which will never be sat on!

Alison Springett

‘Here is a project I have completed during the lockdown we’ve had in the UK.’

‘It is a 1 inch, three dimensional stumpwork wren, which I have put in front of a bird house I made from bark and pine tree scales. I gathered the bark from a local park before the pandemic.’

It is so tiny and so perfect, Alison. We love how you’ve combined your stitching with nature to create such a fabulous result.

Mavis Brown

‘The magpies are my latest effort from Rajmahal Designs. I did it to complement the kookaburra which won viewers’ choice at our Guild Open House last year and was given a first place at the Aberfoyle Fall Fair.’

‘My favourite projects involve birds. I have taken many pictures of birds on my visits to Australia because they are so colourful. Currently I am finishing a project of a rosella which was by my feet in a park in Victoria. I have found that padding out the birds with felt gives them a better dimension and allows for better shading.’

You’ve captured these Australian icons beautifully, Mavis. Make sure you send us pictures of your rosella when it is completed as well, we’d love to see it!

Jenny Capper

‘Here are a few projects I’ve done recently.’

‘In the bird series, I completed two pieces from Inspirations magazine including ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Nicola Jarvis from issue #93, as well as a piece of Idrya lace and a woven tapestry I designed.’

You’ve mastered a stunning array of different techniques, Jenny. We love how you’ve interpreted a theme in so many different ways.

Amy Green

‘I did some stitching more than 30 years ago but nothing much since then. Recently our museum store got in some sweet little kits so I picked one up.

Four kits later, I decided I was not satisfied working on other peoples’ designs so I tried my hand at my own.

My first attempt was a rabbit ‘plushie’ with vegetables embroidered all over him. He has since gone to my niece without me taking any good pictures. He turned out really well, in spite of a rather unfortunately placed eggplant on the front side!’

‘This is my second project. The stitching is not first rate but I hope you’ll agree it’s a first rate second original design project.’  

We do agree, Amy. He’s got real character. It’s such a pity about not getting a picture of the rabbit. We’re now all curious about that eggplant!

If you love birds and have paid homage to them in needle and thread, we’d love to see your work. Or if you are passionate about any other subject matter, we’d be thrilled to see that too. 

Send us some pictures of your work and a little bit about your inspiration and stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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