What Are You Stitching?

29th May 2020

What Are You Stitching? is all about tiny things this week, and what can be tinier than the world of insects? We’ve got a carnival of tiny flying creatures to razzle and dazzle you – who would have thought that insects could be so gorgeous?

Lorraine Moore

‘Inspired by the designs from ‘Flights of Fancy’ by Nina Burnsides from Inspirations issue #102, and using a photo taken at my son’s wedding, I decided to be brave and give stumpwork a go.’

‘I read the article from the magazine, plus Mum had done lots of stumpwork so I remembered everything she told me. I was even able to use her leftover bits and pieces. I was happy with the finished item and gave it to my son and daughter-in-law for their 1st wedding anniversary. They liked it!’

‘Like many, I have always done embroidery, wishing for the world to stop long enough for me to catch up and get out all of my projects and wish lists. The world has now stopped – unfortunately due to COVID-19.’

‘Despite my wish, I am now more than ready for the world to start again! I want to give my children, grandchildren and mum, now in aged care with dementia, the biggest hug ever, and never let go.

I know we will all get busy again but this time my embroidery will come with me.’

Your re-creation of that beautiful photo is amazing, Lorraine. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved. And we wholeheartedly agree about the hugs – we’re all so looking forward to hugging and being hugged again!  

Leslie Mehard Brady

‘Thank you for the opportunity to share these two little guys. They’re both 4-inch pinwheels on silk dupion.’

‘The Beetle is primarily goldwork with metallic thread and glass beads for the eyes and trim.

The Bee is turkey work, straight stitches with wool, metallic thread and goldwork wings. I used my late grandmother’s costume jewellery beads for the eyes, thorax and edges, so I remember her every time I see the bee.’

What a clever and thoughtful use of your grandmother’s jewellery, Leslie. It gives this gorgeous bee such a personal touch.

Karen Matze

‘This is an embroidered work that I designed featuring free form and bead embroidery.’

‘Dragonflies are an important part of my life and often appear in my work.  The finished size is 8” x 10” (20 x 25 cm) and it has been stitched using DMC floss.’

This is a beautifully designed and stitched project, Karen. The colour and detail is just gorgeous.

Helen Leyland

‘This is my Bee from Trish Burr.  I was really chuffed with him as it was a present for my sister who keeps bees.’

‘I am currently working on an Embroidery Book with each page being a project from every Inspirations magazine issued.  It will be my tribute to a wonderful magazine, the hard-working people behind the scenes and to all those fabulously talented embroiderers out there.’

That sounds like a project of a lifetime, Helen! Completing over 100 projects is going to be an incredible achievement. We’re so glad you’ve been inspired by the magazine and we definitely can’t wait to see your magnum opus when it is done.

Have you been inspired to stitch something from the miniature world of insects? Or are you inspired by different aspects of nature? Whatever it is that gives you a ‘buzz’ of excitement, we’d love to see it. Send us pictures of your work and a little bit about your project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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