What Are You Stitching?

24th April 2020

There are so many embroidery techniques to try that it would take a lifetime to master them all. But there are some techniques which are particularly popular, and it seems our readers just love stumpwork and three-dimensional embroidery. So this week we’re showcasing some wonderful 3D projects for your stitching pleasure.

Sharon Gordon

‘I recently finished Susan Porter’s Japanese Windflower from the Embroidery and Craft cruise I did last year with Needlework Tours and Cruises.’

They are so realistic, Sharon! We love the combination of raised and surface embroidery which is characteristic of traditional stumpwork. You must be very proud of this piece.

Therese Duval

‘I joined Vibes on Vancouver Island soon after I moved from Winnipeg to Cumberland, BC. That was in the fall of 2017. The lovely ladies of Vibes offered me friendship and unlimited instruction. They have taken me from small beginner projects to Fifty Flowers, a pattern by Rosalie Wakefield.’

‘Rosalie takes Brazilian Embroidery stitches to new levels. My trips to Black Creek for Tuesday stitching and to the Filberg Senior Centre on Thursdays in Courtenay are the highlight of my week.’

‘I look forward to completing many more projects in the future and one day I hope to pass on what I have learned to new stitchers.’

Brazillian embroidery is such a stunning form of raised work – the colours are exquisite, and your Fifty Flowers project is incredibly impressive, Therese. It really looks like you’ve found your speciality.

Anne Hefford

‘I have been fortunate to visit New Zealand three times from England. Until I retired some seven years ago, I had only done cross stitch, but then I discovered stumpwork, thanks to Kay Dennis. I have dabbled with other embroidery techniques – blackwork, whitework, beadwork and goldwork – but now feel that stumpwork is me!’

‘As a scientist, then accountant, I didn’t think I was at all artistic – I have a lot to learn and fear I haven’t enough time to put all my ideas into practice. I am now known as ‘Granny Stitch’!’

‘The Pohutakawa tree has been an amazing inspiration – here are two of my pieces, obviously one is not all stitch.’

We love your combination of photography, stitching and art, Anne. For someone who fears that they weren’t artistic, I think your work is evidence that in fact you very much are!

Julie Harvey

‘I just recently finished this Julie Kniedl piece called Cornus from your book, A Passion for Needlework. I love all of Julie’s designs and I also have her book, Botanica. I used the ready to stitch kit for this and I want to thank you for producing such lovely, complete kits to go along with your detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

I also have many of the kits for the Botanica book designs waiting in the wings!

I usually do counted work, so this project was a fun way for me to expand my horizons.’

We’re glad you’re enjoying the kits, Julie. You’ve done a wonderful job with the Cornus and we can’t wait to see the next projects as you complete them.

Kim Springhall

‘I completed this bauble last week after working on it on and off since I bought the kit some years ago.’

‘My revised goal was to complete it for Christmas 2019, but other projects and more involvement with my grandchildren put paid to that.

Your article about perfectionism and being hard on yourself resonated with me, and I have accepted that it’s not the end of the world and it can take pride of place on the tree for 2020!’

We’re so lucky that Christmas comes every year, aren’t we? It means that we’ll always meet the deadline… eventually. Great work, Kim!

Do you love stumpwork or three-dimensional embroidery? Or is there another technique you just can’t get enough of? We’d love to see your work so please send in pictures with a bit about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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