What Are You Stitching?

27th July 2018

This week we celebrate the stories behind the stitching, so join us as we share the why behind the what that’s been created with needle and thread…

Alice Sheridan | USA

‘I am an Octogenarian and have been stitching for more years than I can remember! For me, stitching is therapeutic. While stitching, I don’t notice the aches and pains that are part of being over eighty. I’m a member of both the EGA and ANG and enjoy the friendships these organisations provide.’

‘Since Trish Burr’s book, Whitework with Colour, was released I have enjoyed stitching a number of her designs. I like that I can transfer her projects using her hot iron transfer patterns, something that is now very difficult for me to do with pencils. Lately, I have been stitching and following some of the Stitch-a-Longs that are popular now.  They are fun, especially the ones with specialty stitches.’

Alice, we love that stitching provides a respite from the aches and pains of a life well lived and that you’re still so willing to take on the new challenges that needle and thread afford!

Karen Friscia Zoback | USA

‘My Mom collected antique china shoes and to honour her love I made this crazy quilt for her eight years ago.’

‘Sadly, I lost my Mom/best friend this past January and when my siblings started to take things out of the house, I inherited all her fabric, threads and sewing machine. She had my quilt hanging on her living room wall because she loved it so much – of course seeing it made me cry! My Mom was an inspiration to me and an A+ embroiderer.’

Karen, we love the story behind your quilt and that your Mom has passed the legacy of needle and thread from one generation to the next! Your quilt will remain a tangible memory of your best friend and we hope that, over time, your tears will be replaced with smiles as you recall your many memories with her.

Maria Hofstetter | Switzerland

‘After indulging my love of needle and thread at Hampton Court Palace in the UK, I found it hard to motivate myself when I returned to Switzerland, but by chance I got your newsletter and all that changed!’

‘After my cousin died in the USA, my family was so sad, but I used the opportunity to stitch some angels with my grandchildren.’

 Maria, we love that you taught your grandchildren to stitch their way through grief and hope it’s a skill that remains with them throughout their lives.

Nancy McElroy | Canada

‘I live on a farm on the prairie just east of Calgary in Alberta, though I was born and raised in southern Ontario. I was 13 when I saw the cover of a magazine that featured embroidery and knew instantly it was something I wanted to do. Back in those days, floss was $0.10 a skein! I began with stamped designs on fabric and progressed to counted cross stitch and needlepoint. As I learned more techniques I decided that multimedia was my favourite, as this piece attests.’

‘I raised five children and home schooled them, so I made certain to carve out an hour or two at night to maintain my equilibrium and feel like I had some sort of life besides being teacher and mother. I would sit comfortably in my glider rocker, put on some quiet and gentle music and enjoy the solitude and pleasure of the needle’s rhythm. I sometimes think I accomplished more with all of the children at home than I do now! Thank you for all of your work at Inspirations, I never tire of reading the latest news.’

 Nancy, we love that the needle’s rhythm has been a constant companion throughout life and that you found such a striking way to combine your love of many techniques in a single piece!

Have you stitched something that has a why behind it’s what? We’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your ‘why’ to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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