What Are You Stitching?

28th February 2020

Intricate, abstract patterns and careful counted work are two important elements in blackwork, but they are also important in many other types of embroidery. This week in What Are You Stitching? we inspire you with some beautiful embroidery from our readers which rely on these aspects.

Pat Armour

Pat sent in some wonderful pictures of a piece she designed which was influenced by the intricate patterns on a historic door:

‘Living in central Toronto I am fortunate enough to be close to the Royal Ontario Museum. I was able to show it off to Alison Cole a few years ago and we wandered some of the galleries. It was Alison who spotted this magnificent door and thought it would be a good source for a design.’

‘I took up the challenge and my Beastie is the result. He is stitched in Appleton crewel wool with some Gumnut Yarns specialty threads on a ground fabric of linen twill. I hope to eventually finish him as a work bag but for now he waits patiently.’

Pat, you’ve really captured the character of your ‘Beastie’ and the wonderful patterns that surround him. We hope he doesn’t wait too long in your UFO’s as he deserves to be admired by all.

Maureen Sharkey

Maureen’s project shows the fabulous results you can get when you let yourself go, filling shapes with colours and threads.

‘This started out as a Zentangle. As I worked it, I realized it would make a great embroidery. I treated it a bit like a sampler, doing things I thought were fun, or using patterns I liked.’

‘It is stitched on linen using cotton perlé, size 8. I had a LOT of fun stitching this!’

Not only does it look like you had fun, but what an amazing result! We love how you’ve achieved such a vibrant combination of patterns and colours. Well done, Maureen and what a great idea.

Julie Harvey

Like many of you, Julie thoroughly enjoys counted embroidery and she shared with us her latest project.

‘Since you have recently been highlighting Betsy Morgan’s book and projects, I thought I would send a photo of a project that I just finished. It’s called Bee Contained and I took it as a class from Betsy last summer.

Betsy is a lovely person and a wonderful teacher. I would recommend anyone to take a class with her.

In fact, I think she is teaching this same class at Beating Around the Bush this October.’

‘I also recently purchased Betsy’s Willing Hands book and the kits for the projects within. It’s hard to decide which of these beauties will be the next one on my list to start! Each one is so unique and interesting in its own way. I’m sure they’ll provide many hours of stitching pleasure!’

Yes, Betsy is indeed teaching this class at Beating Around the Bush this October, so it is great to hear how much you enjoyed doing it. It sounds like you are spoilt for choice for your next project and we can guarantee those hours of stitching pleasure ahead.

Maggie Hillock

Betsy Morgan and counted thread is definitely the flavour of the month at the moment. Up next we have Maggie who used Betsy as an inspiration to create her own, unique and very personal piece.

‘I keep a Commonplace Book of quotes and sayings that was getting very battered over several years. I took inspiration from Betsy Morgan and made a new cover for it.’

‘Just as a Commonplace Book is a sampler of thoughts, so the cover is like an old-fashioned sampler.’

Maggie, you’ve come up with the perfect solution and stitched it magnificently. We’re sure it will be a book to treasure, not just because of what is written in it, but now also because of its beautiful cover.

If any of you love counted embroidery or have stitched a piece which consists of lots of patterns, we’d love to see your work! We always welcome photographs and a backstory about any of your stitching. Perhaps you might inspire another reader to try something new. Email us now at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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