What Are You Stitching?

24th January 2020

After seeing the portraits of pets by Stitching Sabbatical in Needlework News, we found a couple of portraits of our own that were stitched by the Inspirations Community – albeit not pets, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the detail created by needle and thread regardless!

Bronwen Wathan | UK

‘I am a member of an embroidery group that volunteers in the National Botanic Gardens in Wales. We are working on a project of stitching portraits of the people that have had a connection with the land on which the gardens have been established or those who have a connection with the gardens now. I have embroidered these two portraits, Sir Henry Middleton and Edward Hamlyn Adams.’

‘They will be set into 7-inch (18cm) oval hoops, with each portrait measuring about 4 inches (1ocm) long and will be part of an exhibition next summer celebrating the restoration of the Regency system of lakes that were part of the original gardens. Inspirations Magazine is such an inspiration! Thank you.’

Bronwen, we hear from many a stitcher that their two passions in life are needle and thread and gardening, and we love that you’ve combined both these passions in such a unique way! You’ve helped create a lasting history of the National Botanic Gardens in Wales and we wish you much success with the upcoming exhibition.

Joyce Bargh | UK

‘I saw this image in a Royal School of Needlework book a decade or so ago and wanted to stitch it as it reminded me of my Grandad. I kept looking at it over the years and finally started stitching it about nine years ago.  I was out of my comfort zone and kept thinking of throwing it away, but instead put it at the bottom of my to do stash, getting it out only now and again. I finally finished it last week and am glad I persevered!’

Joyce, we’re glad you persevered too as you’ve created a lasting memory of your Grandad that is not only striking, but also character filled.

Have you taken your needles and threads and ‘painted’ a portrait? Pet or person, we’d love it see it! Email photos of your stitching along with a few details about your journey with needle and thread to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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