What Are You Stitching?

6th December 2019

There’s something almost magical about being able to take a simple thread and use it to recreate the world we see around us and this week’s contributors to What Are You Stitching? have done exactly that! They’ve taken a humble needle and thread and replicated life in the most realistic of ways.

Judy Campbell

‘I have just finished this piece – one of Trish Burr’s beautiful birds. I am new to threadpainting but am really pleased with this effort. He’s not framed yet but will be on my wall very soon!’

Judy, you should be more than pleased with your first effort at threadpainting! You’ve done a beautiful job of replicating nature with needle and thread through the seamless blending of colour and carefully laid stitches.

Marjolein van Vessem

‘I printed a photo on fabric and began by stitching the tree hanging from the crane. As I went on, I realized I wanted to make the piece larger, so I mirrored the original image and reprinted it on a larger piece of fabric.’

‘I normally use many colours and details, but I tried to make this image simpler. It was very interesting to make, and I am very happy with it. I always look forward to your weekly newsletter which I find so inspirational!’

Marjolein, your choice of image, colour and simple, but effective, stitch placement has created a realistic city skyline. We love how the leaves of the trees stand out against their neutral backdrop.

Pauline Fozard

‘I have been trying to improve my threadpainting so attempted to stitch my son’s Basenji. I still need lots of practise so will try our cat next! I love the newsletter and all the inspiration found in it.’

Pauline, anyone familiar with the Bensenji breed would instantly recognise it in your stitching! You’ve done a fabulous job of replicating their colour and distinct facial features. We look forward to seeing your cat recreated in needle and thread once it’s complete.

Have you created something with needle and thread that’s hard to tell the stitched from the original? We’d love to see how you’ve recreated the world around you, so email photos of your work along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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