What Are You Stitching?

18th October 2019

As depicted in Ana Mallah’s ‘Autumn Flowers’, the colours we most associate with Autumn or Fall are warm, deep and muted, and this week’s What Are You Stitching? celebrates projects that are stitched with hues from the same palette.

Amanda Newby-Fraser

‘I would like to share with you my interpretation of Carolyn Pearce’s ‘The Embroidered Village Bag’.

‘I have traced the designs from Johanna Basford’s colouring books and then embroidered each design in DMC cotton and perlé threads, with a hint of shiny threads here and there. The stitches are whatever I felt like doing, which really made it fun, as there were no rules and no right or wrong!’

‘This was a class project I started in January 2017 and I just plugged away at it whenever I was not embroidering something else. Each one of the ladies who tackled this project did their own interpretation and embroidered whatever took their fancy.’

‘Thank you for a lovely magazine and the very welcome weekly newsletter. I have heard many ladies saying they sit down with a cup of tea as soon as their copy of Inspirations arrives or when the weekly newsletter ‘All Stitched Up!’ lands in their inbox – I am the same, first thing on a Friday morning, when I see that email, I make a cup of tea and sit down to read it – no interruptions allowed!’

Amanda, we love your most creative and autumnal interpretation of The Village Bag! It has been thoughtfully designed, carefully stitched and immaculately finished. We’re so pleased to hear you’re enjoying the magazine and this newsletter.

Cindy Bockhold

‘I am new to Inspirations magazine, and I just love it! My friend has been collecting your magazines from its inception and she shared them with me one day – needless to say I was hooked from the first magazine I saw. 

I started making a list of projects as I thumbed through each issue carefully taking notes. When I saw issue #18, I knew I had to make ‘The Woolly Sheep’ for my next grandchild who was due in September. I had to make some substitutions due to the fact that some of the materials aren’t available anymore and I also needed the blanket to be washable. 

I had so much fun making it and I hope my new little grandson will be surrounded by all the love and warmth that I used in making it.’

‘I just joined the East Texas Embroiderers’ Guild and our group subscribes to your magazine.

For years they have been making projects from Inspirations and I am so happy to have found the guild.

I have made so many new friends and I look forward to learning all I can so that one day I can share with my grandchildren my love of needlework. My goal is to collect all your back issues, so I can add them to my stitching library and have them to pass down to my grandchildren. 

I also love the A-Z Books that provide step by step illustrations to do the projects. I only wish I could increase the number of hours in the day so I have time to do all the projects!  That you so much for your magazine, I am already thinking about which project to start next!’

Cindi, welcome to the Inspirations family, we’re so glad you joined us! We love your passion and enthusiasm for all things needle and thread and look forward to seeing where your needlework journey takes you. Your grandson couldn’t help but feel the love and warmth you’ve poured into his blanket.

Jacqui Harvey

‘I am currently helping to co-ordinate a Bayeux style tapestry, based on the story of Hereward the Wake, which will hang with many other appropriate textiles, in the new Keep which is to be built at Norwich Castle, hopefully opening in Autumn 2020. It has been almost two years since I was introduced to and have been working as a volunteer on the project, but for one reason and another it has only just begun to get going recently.

Already it can be seen that the tapestry will be spectacular when finished.

I have also started to use some of our tapestry border designs to make some of the little treasures, which are often featured in Inspirations magazine. Here is a scissor sheath and a telephone cover.’

Jacqui, we love that you’ve adapted the designs from the tapestry’s border and applied them to needlework smalls that will be well used and appreciated day-to-day. We look forward to seeing the tapestry on its completion.

Kim Spry

‘This is my version of Cockatoo Apple by Judy Stephenson from Inspirations issue #51. I loved stitching it so much that I created two! The kit I purchased all those years ago even had more than enough materials for both.’

Kim, it’s always a delight to see completed projects from past issues of Inspirations as they remind us of the timeless nature of needlework, and your Cockatoo Apple is no exception. The subject and colourway are timeless, but modern all in the same stitch!

Have your needles and threads stitched something autumnal? We’d love to see it! Email photos of your autumn stitching along with a few details about your needlework journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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