What Are You Stitching?

30th August 2019

Betsy Morgan’s projects and counting are synonymous with each other as much of her work centres around counted thread embroidery. Inspired by her work, this week we’re sharing some of the projects we have on file that have required the stitcher to count twice before picking up needle and thread to ensure they only had to stitch once…

Anne Shields

‘Anne Shields is a member of our local Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild here in Cobourg, Ontario and has done miles and miles of smocking! Her dresses, which are always accompanied by either petticoats, jackets or bloomers are just lovely.’

Sheila, we appreciate you bringing Anne’s work to our attention and we look forward to seeing the matching dolls dresses you’ve asked her to create.

Helen Osborne

‘This is my Hardanger cloth in progress and it has a story and a half to it! It’s been on the go on and off for around four years. Although I had a pattern for it, the size of even weave fabric in the UK is smaller than in US, so I had to redraw the pattern to fit.

It has also survived the disaster of a whole cup of black filter coffee being spilt on it on a train journey from London that I didn't think would come out!

I was on the train when I spilt the coffee – I am disabled and was having a job to get up out of my seat so a lady kindly took the cloth to the toilet to wash it. Unfortunately, it was warm water in the automatic hand basin, so I just had to put it in a plastic bag until I got back home, then soaked it overnight and hoped for the best.’

‘Amazingly it’s still here to tell the tale! I will complete it soon if I don’t get waylaid with lots of other projects and requests. I’ve just discovered stumpwork and now have too many projects and not enough hours in each day. Once the cloth is completed and blocked out properly, I will send another photo.’

Helen, not only have you done an immaculate job of stitching, but you’ve done an immaculate job of washing as well! We look forward to seeing the photo of the finished result… once you manage to find a few more hours in each day.

Leann Mamone

‘I recently made this for my daughters’ sixth class teacher to thank her and tell her how blessed we felt having had her as a guide and friend on our family’s journey. It took me a LOT longer to make than I had originally allowed and what was going to be a Christmas gift turned into a very late New Year’s gift instead!’

‘Some of the stitches were new to me and I had difficultly following some of the instructions – detailed as they were. So, I had to adapt the pattern a little bit there at the end for my clumsy fingers. I enjoyed making it though and was pleased overall with the result for my first attempt at Schwalm. Thankfully Mrs Hunt thought it lovely too.’

Leann, what an incredibly thoughtful gift! The time and talent you’ve poured it will make it treasured for years to come.

Linda Lachance

‘I learned basic embroidery skills from my mother and grandmother. In my early twenties I joined our local Quilting and Stitchery Guild where I learned many different types of stitching including hardanger, whitework, blackwork, and crewel work. I also dabbled in quilting and drew some inspiration from the geometric quilt designs.’

‘I was doing a lot of experimental needlepoint with different threads and stitches and as that is where my true love is, I eventually branched out into creating charted canvas work designs.

When the wonderful overdyed threads hit the market, I was hooked!

A friend who owned the local needlework shop at that time, encouraged me greatly.’

‘In 1987 I started a business which primarily offers charted canvas work (needlepoint) designs and it’s still going 30 years later. My designs tend to be geometric and my business has also given me the opportunity to travel and teach my designs, and/or attend national seminars throughout Canada and the US. “Stitch and see the world” is my motto and I believe that as long as we’re each enjoying our stitching, in whatever form it takes, using it for zen and relaxation, that is where true satisfaction lies.’

Linda, we love that you’ve been able to turn your passion into a business and think it’s fabulous that you’ve found a way to see the world through stitching! If you’d like to learn more about Linda’s designs, you can check out her website HERE.

Have you stitched something that’s required you to count twice before picking up needle and thread? We’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve counted then stitched along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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