What Are You Stitching?

6th July 2018

After pondering colour throughout this week’s newsletter, it was the bursts of colour we found represented through needle and thread that caught our eye. Enjoy the bold, the bright and the vivid that is featured in this week’s ‘What Are You Stitching?’.

Françoise Dufresne | France

‘In view of the article ‘Rediscovering Embroidered Book Bindings’ in issue #138 of the newsletter (HERE), the opportunity seemed to me too beautiful not to send you what I’ve created with needle and thread. They are covers of old books ‘The Illustrated Fashion’ which each measure 29 x 38 cm.’

Françoise, we love that you’ve taken the time to honour the tradition of embroidering book coverings through your stitching. Your work is filled with glorious colour!

Liz Williams | USA

‘Taking inspiration from the ‘Silk Ribbon Beret’ in Inspirations #03, I used wool to make a beret as the dress and cape I was matching it to were also made from wool. You may be able to see from the photos that I didn’t have enough fabric to make a circle, so I added a piece and embroidered in that area. No one has ever noticed!’

Liz, we love your confident choice of colour and are so glad you didn’t let perfect be the enemy of the good when you discovered your fabric shortage!

Maria Sammut | Australia

‘I always get inspired by your magazine and really enjoy reading them to get ideas. I made a dress out of some scrap material I gathered along the way. To make it attractive I picked some embroidery patterns from an old magazine. The pattern was originally on a pillow case.’

Maria, the colourway you’ve chosen for your dress is bright and bold and your embroidery adds a sense of whimsy and fun.

Melanie Missin | UK

We first saw the work of Melanie in All Stitched Up! #142 (HERE) and it’s her colourful clutch bags that caught our eye this week…

Melanie, just like your bowls from ASU #142, your clutch bags are spectacular! Again, they are creative, distinctive and unique and the addition of the heat applied glitter film gives them an added dimension and sparkle.

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