What Are You Stitching?

14th June 2019

This week we’re celebrating the projects from Inspirations Magazine that have been recreated with the needles and threads of the Inspirations Community.

Arabian Nights | Issue #33

‘I have finally embroidered Arabian Nights from 2002! As I have dozens of hanks of embroidery floss, including all the threads I inherited from my late mother in law about 10 years ago, I decided to reduce the pattern and embroider a picture to hang on the wall. I am really thrilled with the end result.’

‘Just today I visited an embroidery group not far from where I live and one of the women is in the midst of making the same design, but as a blanket as it was initially intended. It was great to see the two versions side by side. Judy McMahon.’

Judy, we love that you’ve just finished a piece that was published in Inspirations issue #33! It proves just how timeless embroidery is and the fact you’ve adapted it into a framed piece also shows how versatile the art can be.

Monet, Hugo et les Poissons d’Or | Issue #100

‘When I saw this pattern in your 100th issue, I just had to try it!’

‘I first learned to embroider when I was about 13. It was mandatory for all the middle school girls back then and I really hated it! After 40 some years, I tried embroidery again when I saw Trish Burr’s embroidered birds and flowers. I was hooked – it was slow, but fun and relaxing.’

‘I used to shop at Joann Fabric and Michael’s Craft Store almost weekly, but since moving from the USA to Italy last year, I haven’t been able to find a good craft/hobby yet. I have a full set of DMC Embroidery Threads I purchased years ago so I thought, why not use those?!’

‘After about two months of working every night, I finally finished it in time for Easter. It was a part of an Easter basket for my friend’s daughter. It was fun to stitch and even though I had to substitute many of the threads to DMC, I still love the end result! Kyung Pastino.’

Kyung, we love the time and talent you’ve poured into this very special gift – it’s simply picture-perfect! No doubt your friend’s daughter will enjoy reading the adventures of Monet over and over again.

Redoute’s Tulips | issue #100

‘I used DMC floss instead of the silk threads Trish Burr used. Although they are more affordable, the colors are a little different. A very challenging but satisfying project! Amalia Cunha.’

Amalia, we love that you adapted the requirements of Redoute’s Tulips to suit your budget! You’ve done a fabulous job of matching the colours with Trish’s and your piece is a gorgeous representation of her original.

If you’ve recreated something from the pages of Inspirations Magazine, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve put your needles and threads to along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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