What Are You Stitching?

10th May 2019

It always seems that no matter how many flowers we ‘pick’ from our What Are You Stitching? files, there’s always a bountiful supply waiting to be harvested. Such is the popularity of the stitched flower! This week we share our next bouquet of flowers that have been created by the needles and threads of the Inspirations Community…

Angela Grasse

‘My slow stitching project is still a work in progress, but I feel it is close to finished.  This piece has been a delight to stitch! I started it by dyeing the fabric with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.’

‘Adding the stitching has been slow and almost meditative. Not having a deadline for this piece has felt really good as often my stitching does indeed have a deadline.’

Angela, your project sounds like stitching heaven – without deadline, slow and meditative. I think we all need at least one of these projects on the go at any one time! Although we can’t imagine what else would need to be added, we do look forward to an update once your slow stitch project is complete.

Gina Newlyn

‘Stitching has been a part of my life since my early years.

I don’t remember a time I haven’t embroidered and have used it as therapy throughout my life, especially during some very difficult times.

For the last eight years I have been studying Japanese Embroidery. It is such a joy and it appeals to my sense of illustration and perfection in embroidery. It is also very different to western embroidery.’

‘Last year I finished my learning pieces with my Australian teacher and decided to have a break until I could attend a class overseas with the Japanese teachers to complete the final phase. The original piece was done in cream and gold, but I changed the colours to please myself and was very happy with the final result.’

Gina, we love the simplicity and elegance of your Japanese Embroidery. It is detailed, delicate and perfectly embroidered!

Karen Friscia Zoback

‘I made this adorable bunny and teddy back in 2009 and now need to make two more because two new grandkids are here, a total of four now. They were a blast to make!’

‘I used ivory wool for their bodies and different kinds of threads, ribbons and beads for the floral embellishment. The quilt in the background is a flying geese pattern and has antique buttons stitched on top.’

Karen, the arrival of grandchildren is certainly keeping you busy with needle and thread! We love how much richer your toys are from the additional of flowers – they are bright, cheerful and comforting.

Sheila Bennett

‘I love your fabulous magazine and get so much inspiration from it! I embroider and quilt quite a lot, but this magnolia is my favorite piece.’

Sheila, the subtle shading and perfect form of your magnolia make it hard to tell the stitched version from nature’s original!

If you’ve stitched something from nature’s garden, we’d love to ‘replant’ our What Are You Stitching? files with it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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