What Are You Stitching?

19th April 2019

Flowers, always an ever-popular subject to be recreated with needle and thread! This week we’re sharing just some of the flowers currently ‘growing’ in our What Are You Stitching? files…

Kath Townley

‘I have just finished A Cottage Garden from Inspirations #53.’

‘As I had already plenty of needle cases I decided to change mine to hold thread cards for working on future projects. I love your magazine and always look forward to its arrival in the post.’

Kath, we love your version of Kris Richards’ project and think you’ve done a fabulous job of adapting it to something you’ll be able to use regularly! We hope you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labours for many stitching projects to come.

Marty Campbell

‘I made this little iPod case from a Brazilian dimensional embroidery piece that I used to demonstrate stitches for as an introduction to my sewing group. They loved learning to do dimensional embroidery and have continued with it, making several other embroidery pieces.’

‘This case features an inside pocket to hold an iPod and an area in the bottom to hold the charger and earbuds. There’s a little open slot in the iPod pocket to pass a cable through so the earbuds or a speaker can be attached to the iPod without taking it out of the case. I love making usable things from embroidery pieces, and this one keeps all my iPod accessories together in one place. Although I embellished it, the basic embroidery pattern came from www.bdeig.org and was fun to make!’

Marty, your iPod Case is equal parts form and function as you’ve created an innovative, useful and visually stunning piece!


‘Having never really done or enjoyed embroidery – after getting forced to do it at school and not being particularly good at it – I preferred to immerse myself in cross stitch.  I was born with brittle bones so spent many days, weeks and months in hospitals for various treatments.

 Having a restless nature, I hated to just lie around twiddling my thumbs, so a very dear lady introduced me to knitting, crocheting, sewing and eventually cross stitch.

My life was turned around and to date I must have completed hundreds of projects, most of which have been given away as gifts!

In 2016, I was diagnosed with cancer, so was on the hunt for another project.  Unfortunately, I just could not concentrate on counting the cross stitch project I’d chosen, so decided to give embroidery another chance.

I managed to find a picture I liked and so started my journey of stitching for sanity. It is a very simplistic and basic table cloth, but I found the simple art of creating helped me get through a very difficult time.

I am now in remission, but the stitching bug has bitten, and continues, and I look forward to getting better at it.’

Bernice, we love that embroidery allowed you to stitch your way through a difficult season and are so pleased to hear you’re now in remission. As the stitching bug has well and truly bitten, we look forward to seeing what’s next from your needles and threads!

Donna Tiffan

‘I saw these little sticky note holders made from scrapbooking paper and thought it would make a great gift idea to do them in fabric and embroidery.’

‘I amused myself using scrap fabric – my daughter’s cut-off short remnants! – and fun color combinations. The looks on the faces of my family members when they saw them told me the idea was appreciated. I love that embroidery can inspire creativity and be a gift, for both giver and receiver at the same time. Thank you for the many hours of inspiration you instil in us!’

Donna, we love that you took inspiration from paper and recreated it with needle and thread! We’re glad the time you poured into the gifts was so well appreciated.

Having almost exhausted the flowers from our garden, we’re crying out for more! If you’ve created something floral with your needles and threads, we’d love to see it. Email photos of your stitching along with a few details about your stitching journey to-date to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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