What Are You Stitching?

1st March 2019

We love hearing the inspiration behind the work of your needles and threads, and this week we share just that – the why behind the what of the stitching of the Inspirations Community!


‘I became enchanted with the Tudor Rose and after teaching myself how to do Blackwork using books that once belonged to my mother, I chose to stitch a miniature sampler. All the ‘samples’ in my work are historical reproductions or adaptations of antique designs that I found online.’

‘The Tudor Rose and its vines, however, are my design. I used black silk thread and a bit – just a tiny bit – of gold metal thread for the rose. The linen is Anne Boleyn linen from the Primitive Hare. I mounted the finished piece on an old board that I distressed and painted black.’

Nancy, we love that your enchantment with the Tudor Rose became your inspiration to stitch an historically inspired piece. We also love that you added your own design within it as well – and to think it’s all on such a small scale!

Marjolein van Vessem

‘Thank you for your lovely and beautiful magazine. I am sending you an embroidered poem. The poem is by Hazel Hall. She was a very interesting and, I get the feeling, sad person. She wrote beautiful poems and within them you hear her longing to be out in the world, although she was handicapped and worked as an embroiderer at home. I embroidered this inspired poem on a piece of fabric from an old pair of jeans.’

‘It was a very restful activity. I hope you love the poem as much as I do. Thank you for all your inspiration!’

 The Long Day | Hazel Hall

I am sewing out my sorrow,
Like a thread, wearing it thin;
It will be old and frayed to-morrow.
Needle, turn out; needle, turn in.

Sorrow’s thread is a long thread
Needle, one stitch; needle, two.
And sorrow’s thread is a strong thread,
But I will wear it through.

Then not only will sorrow
Be old and thin and frayed;
But I shall have to-morrow
Something sorrow has made.

Marjolein, we think the way you’ve captured Hazel’s poem is truly inspiring. What a lovely way to commit such poignant words, and in such a fitting manner to their subject!

Pam Ackerley

‘Looking for ideas for my Goddaughter’s newborn twins, I sought inspiration from illustrated children’s picture book characters and decided on pictures for their bedroom walls.’

‘I hope you like them much as I enjoyed stitching them!’

Pam, we think being inspired to stitch for your Goddaughter’s twins pointed you in the right direction for the perfect inspiration! Their bedrooms will be all the richer for the time and talent you’ve poured into stitching some much loved characters from children’s literature.

Have you stitched something inspired? We’d love to share in your inspiration! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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