What Are You Stitching?

8th June 2018

Inspired by Victoria Laine’s frogs, this week issue of All Stitched Up! (HERE), we’ve gathered up the wildlife from our ‘What Are You Stitching?’ files to share the other creatures that have been brought to life with needle and thread.

Karen Friscia Zoback | USA

This pair of turtles were so fun to stitch and their shells are made from alligator leather.’

Karen, we love that you’ve taken such a unique approach to your stitching and have incorporated alligator leather into your turtles’ shells! They make for a realistic and textured piece.

Pascale Michaux | Belgium

‘I am very proud to show you my fall embroidery, stitched thanks to the advice from my  fabulous teacher Christiane Paris.’

‘This piece was embroidered from a pattern I bought in France at les Alphabets de Toulouse.’

From the colours of the threads right down to the fabulous squirrel who’s busy squirrelling away acorns for winter, your stitching captures fall just beautifully Pascale!

Pauline Fozard | Australia

‘I have recently become interested in long and short stitch thread painting and have attempted some of Trish Burr’s birds. I enjoyed making them but need a lot more practise so thought I would try to work with a photo of my son’s dog. I am looking forward to trying more projects but wish I could do a workshop with Trish as I think her work is amazing. I love receiving your newsletters – it’s very interesting seeing what other embroiderers are working on.’

Pauline, what a fabulous way to practise – not only have you refined your skills to a point that you’re now well and truly ready to tackle another of Trish Burr’s designs, but you’ve created an extraordinary keepsake of your son’s best friend!

Ria Sintnicolaas | Holland

‘I am from Holland and I love embroidery! I love big cats and for fun, I stitched an elephant in the colours of spring.’

‘Every week I enjoy admiring the beautiful stitching from all over the world that is shared in All Stitched Up!’

Ria, we love that you have two sides to your stitching personality – realistic and whimsical. In each instance, your stitching is precise and captures each animal beautifully.

Has your needle and thread brought some wildlife to life? We’d love to see it! Email us photos of your creature along with a few details about your stitching journey to date to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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