What Are You Stitching?

25th January 2019

Before we find that the hustle and bustle of 2018’s Christmas Season is well and truly behind us, this week we’re sharing the stitching that was inspired by this most festive of seasons. Maybe it will even inspire you to pick up needle and thread to ensure your Christmas stitching for 2019 is well and truly on track?!

Annette Rich

‘My hand made effort for family Christmas Gifts… I used towelling which I’ve had for years and years and each one has the receiver’s initial embroidered on it along with a few basic flowers. I call them Soap on a Rope with Washer! Just thought you might enjoy my little personal gifts for my loved ones.’

Annette, what a simple idea that will be well used by their recipients! We love the time and talent you poured into your Christmas Gifts.

Gill Gavashon

‘With Christmas coming and the thoughts of squeals from little children opening their presents filling my mind, I thought it was time to make something for my grandsons.’

‘I am a fan of Jenny McWhinney’s designs and her little elves immediately caught my attention. As many of us would know there is a kit for these lovely little creatures, but I decided that I would use my stash of threads, beads and sequins and simply buy the printed linen from The Bobbin Tree.’

‘I ended up finding that I didn’t have the bells, little heart sequins or enough beads the project called for, so I ended up having to compromise – there is definitely something to be said for buying a kit, but also how one can put one’s own stamp on our embroideries! Whilst the colours aren’t exactly as Jenny had them, I think they came out just fine. Four of them will be winging their way to Norway and the other two to Western Australia.’

They came out just fine indeed Gill! We can just imagine the squeals of delight from each of your grandsons as they opened their ornament which will take pride of place on their Christmas trees for years to come.

Karen Friscia Zoback

‘I made this Christmas Tree and Tree Skirt a few years ago. The skirt is all hand embroidered with beads and buttons and then I added the small mirrors. I still get compliments about it!’

Karen, we love that the time and talent you poured into your Christmas Tree and Skirt is still being well used and much appreciated years later. It must be an absolute joy to display it each year!

Patricia Boyden

‘I was delighted to see this Christmas Bell in issue #166 of the newsletter HERE. I stitched this quite a while ago and thought it was from an Inspirations but wasn’t sure. Many thanks for the reminder, I so look forward to my newsletter every week!

Patricia, we’re so pleased to have you as part of the Inspirations ‘family’ and love that we were able to remind you about Carolyn Pearce’s ‘Rejoice’ project you stitched all those years ago! We love the charms you’ve added to her original design – they truly make it your own.

Has this week’s What Are You Stitching? reminded you of some Christmas stitching you’re yet to share with us?! If it has, we’d love to see photos of the festive items you’ve created with needle and thread and hear a little of your stitching journey to date. Email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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