What Are You Stitching?

21st June 2024

Maureen Bradley

‘On display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (1S.298-1951) is a most beautiful Indian chintz palampore fabric. This was the inspiration for my embroidered box.’

‘The design and colours are wonderful, and I enjoyed embroidering the panels for this box, with much encouragement from Christine Burton and her class at The Embroidery Den.’

Wow! What a wonderful box Maureen, both practical and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your inspiration, it is delightful to see how you envisioned the design in a new format.

Alicia Clark

‘This is an embroidered box I finished in December 2023, after nearly four years and many setbacks. I can’t seem to stay away from multi-year projects and those are the ones that involve me the most.’

‘The designs are taken from 19C French wallpaper, Italian Pietre Dure and early 20C Art Embroidery designs. Here’s to joyous stitching!’

Hear, hear Alicia! Your delightful box has brought us some stitching joy right here! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Nicole Martin

‘I have finally constructed the Toy Chest Etui from the first Willing Hands book (a year and a half after completing the cross stitch).’

‘I used the linen in my stash and DMC threads. For construction I used template plastic (cartoon board) and iron on buckram (interlining).’

‘I modified the close and made the beads heavy enough to keep the lid in place. Construction was a little of a challenge on the fingers, with one receiving significant damage, but that has now healed.

I am a compulsive book purchaser and endeavour to make at least one item from each book.’

You’ve done a remarkable job of re-creating the Toy Chest Etui! The construction and stitching is beautiful – testament to your hard work and stitching wounds! And we’re so glad you love Betsy’s designs Nicole, you’ve definitely set yourself an achievable and rewardable goal.

Do you like making embroidered boxes? Do you enjoy the construction of boxes? Do you like following a design or creating your own from inspiration around you?

Whatever you are stitching, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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